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Recommendations of European SMEs on market access: Understanding China SME Roundtables 2012

Author : Understanding China

Feedback from the participants of the Understanding China Market Access SME Roundtables in Prague and Paris has shown that there is a concrete need for further support and information services for SMEs wishing to access the Chinese market.


Several key recommendations for the European Commission were highlighted by participants of the two roundtables, namely:


  • improve the policy dialogue environment in which European SMEs are doing business in China, especially with regard to:
    • corruption within Chinese administration and among Chinese buyers,
    • independence of the Chinese legal system from the local authorities, the latter should be committed to have laws respected,
    • protection of innovation and IPR (patterns and brands)
  • strengthen the European innovation policy
  • improve the outreach at a local level, for example by opening the EU SME Centre’s local desks in all EU member states
  • facilitate the exchange of best practices among European actors already based in China as well as among European SMEs looking towards the Chinese market
  • encourage European SMEs’ cultural understanding of China in particular by developing targeted programmes


The Prague Market Access roundtable in January 2012 was the last of 8 roundtables organised in the framework of the Understanding China programme.


The outcome of the IPR, Investment and Clean Technology debates were also developed into recommendations which will be submitted to the European Commission to ensure that the voice of SMEs is widely heard by policy and decision makers in Europe.

Download the full report: EN

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