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Recommendations of European SMEs on IPR: Understanding China SME Roundtables 2010

Author : Understanding China


  The Understanding China programme aims to support EU companies (especially SMEs) in their activities towards China. The objective is to improve their understanding of the Chinese  market and to facilitate business and dialogue among all relevant stakeholders
  • One element of the Understanding China is a training programme specifically designed  for employees working in European SME intermediary organisations. This ‘train the trainer’ approach will ensure that a large number of companies will benefit from higher quality services and up-to-date information from their business organisations.

  • A second pillar of the programme is an enhanced policy dialogue on China related business issues among relevant European stakeholders. A number of tools have been  developed to encourage an active exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices: annual high level conferences in Brussels, an interactive website, a China Advisory Council and 8 SME roundtables in different EU member states.

For each roundtable two publications were prepared: a background and an event report. The  background reports are developed ahead of the event and disseminated to the participants to  set up a frame for discussions and highlight main questions/issues to be tackled. The event report summarise the results of the roundtable and wrap-up all recommendations to the EC  and SMEs suggested during the discussions.

This comprehensive document starts off with a comparative summary of the IPR recommendations from Hamburg and Turin SME roundtables, followed by both background and event reports.

Click here to download the full document

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