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Greening China's cities of tomorrow


Greening China's cities of tomorrow

china advisory council roundtable

Participation in the China Advisory Council roundtable is by personal invitation only. For further information on the China Advisory Council, please refer to the Understanding China programme website or click here for press enquiries.   



Welcome coffee and registration of participants





With an increasing number of people moving from rural to urban areas in search of jobs and a better life, China and Europe face the common challenge of ensuring sustainable urbanisation. National and local authorities must provide better basic services such as water and sanitation, housing, health services, and education to the growing number of city-dwellers. Jobs must be created and talent, creativity and innovation, fostered. China and the EU have agreed to forge a special partnership on sustainable urbanisation which will cover these issues as well as joint action to build greener, cleaner and less-polluted cities. How will this partnership work in practice and how can EU and Chinese authorities facilitate such cooperation? Are European and Chinese enterprises ready to share know-how, experience and technology to deal with the challenges posed by China’s new and old mega-cities? How is China coping with the increased migratory flows into cities? What are the key tasks that Chinese city authorities must tackle in the coming years? How can the private sector help to finance the needs and requirements of the new cities and what type of urbanisation model will China follow in developing the new cities?


Introductory Discussants

Wu Hailong, Ambassador and Head of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the EU
Philip Lowe
, European Commission Director General for Energy
Li Tie, Director General of the China Centre for Urban Development of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China
Shen Wei, Associate Dean for China of the ESSCA School of Management, France

Richard Herd, Senior Economist and Head of the China Desk of the Economics Department at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)



Co-moderated by Shada Islam, Head of Policy at Friends of Europe and Arnaldo Abruzzini, Secretary General of EUROCHAMBRES




Networking lunch






If current trends continue, over a billion people will live in China’s cities by 2030. Cities have been the major drivers of China’s GDP growth over the past two decades and urbanisation is the centrepiece of China’s 12th Five Year Plan. Since the “urban billion” are expected to be avid consumers, the scale of China’s urbanisation promises substantial new markets for domestic and foreign providers of goods and services. Urbanisation is good news in the country’s struggle to boost consumer demand, facilitating the transformation of the Chinese economy from investment towards consumption-led growth. China has made urban sustainable development a high priority but can it turn these plans and policies into reality? Will China’s new cities be truly green? What actions are local and national authorities taking to reduce pollution, cut C02 emission and improve energy efficiency? Is business driving innovation or hindering reform? How is China dealing with the waste management and wastewater treatment? Will China focus on local technology to meet its urbanisation challenges or will it be ready to work with European companies by easing government procurement rules and improving the protection of intellectual property rights?


Introductory Discussants

Tom Miller, Managing Editor, China Economic Quarterly and Author of the book ‘China’s Urban Billion’
Wang Sheng, Deputy Director of the Development Research Centre of the Government of Chongqing and Vice-President of Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences
Egon de Haas
, Global Director, Government & Public Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers
Zhang Jun, Deputy Director of the Chengdu Environmental Protection Bureau

Erik Freudenthal, Green Ambassador of Stockholm, Sweden



Co-moderated by Shada Islam, Head of Policy at Friends of Europe and Arnaldo Abruzzini, Secretary General of EUROCHAMBRES



End of the roundtable

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